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The Idea Factory

Here's an idea for ideas. We know how it is in the quest for sustainable living. You take a new step in life, whether it's moving off grid, or getting your own milk cow or flock of chickens, and you discover that you're doing some process the hard way, after a few weeks of doing it the long-handled way, you have a light-bulb moment with an idea for a simple life-saving tool, you go online and there's just nothing out there even close to what you need. We'd love to hear about those ideas. We're thinking of launching an idea factory. A place where you can post new ideas and others can vote on it. If the idea gets some good traction on upvotes we take it to the drawing board to start exploring development. Once we get it through all the hoops of iteration to perfection, we'll send you a free sample along with other swag. What do you think of the idea? Send us your thoughts.

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