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Dog Run Cable and Tether

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Every dog needs the opportunity to get some exercise in the great outdoors and this economical dog run allows your dog to enjoy running off some energy in a controlled, safe space.  We offer multiple lengths of cable to fit your particular space.  You can also set your length of cable to any exact dimension within that length.

This is genuine rigging cable with a thick durable vinyl coating to last a very long time. The cable is classed as a 1x19 galvanized construction which has a 1/16” wire extruded to 11/64” diameter. The breaking strength of the cable is 500lbs.

  • galvanized wire construction offers additional corrosion resistance
  • high flexibility
  • great appearance
  • abrasion resistance
  • 1x19 wire rope with thick vinyl coating
  • 500 pound breaking strength


  • Choose two sturdy points that are less than the length of your cable to which you can secure the two screw hooks. (It is possible to adjust to any length up to your cable length.)
  • Fasten the hooks at least 6 feet off the ground so that a human can walk under it.
  • Rotate the center of the turnbuckle until fully extended and hook it onto one of the screw hooks.
  • Find the unfinished end of the long cable and slide the pulley with the short cable (approximately 10 ft.) onto it, followed by three wire rope clamps.
  • Hook the unfinished end of the long cable onto the second screw hook, pull tight and secure using the last two wire rope clamps. (nearest the end of the cable)  Adjust to the desired tension by turning the turnbuckle.
  • Secure the remaining wire rope clamp approximately 8 feet from the screw hook. (provides a stop point for your dog)
  • Fasten the carabiner to your dog’s harness (DO NOT FASTEN TO A DOG'S COLLAR!) and enjoy your pet’s controlled freedom! 


WARNING!: This compound contains a plasticizer (Di[2-ethylhexyl]phthalate) that has been deemed a Cancer Suspect. For more information go to