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The Graber Grills and CoversShenandoah Homestead Supply

The Graber Grills and Covers

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  • Our grills are handmade at local Amish welding shops in Indiana.
  • Construction is American-made steel for increased durability.
  • Simple to use and set up.
  • Unlimited height adjustment.
  • The Rectangular Grill has 15" x 21" mesh grilling surface.
  • The Retro Grill has 24" diameter grilling surface.
  • Vinyl Grill Covers sold separately.

Only 2 pieces with no complex setup required. Unlimited height adjustment with full 360° rotation. Nickel-chrome finish is safe for all foods and the mesh grilling surface prevents food from falling through grill. Excellent as a cooking surface for pans & kettles. Stores easily.