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Electric Butter Churn 2.6 Gallon Capacity with Stainless Steel BodyShenandoah Homestead Supply715407466181

Electric Butter Churn 2.6 Gallon Capacity with Stainless Steel Body

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Our 2.6 Gallon Electric Butter Churn features a stainless steel dasher, 304 grade stainless steel body with clip-on lid latches, and a 115 V electric motor. Churn will process 7 quarts of cream at a time.  Weighs approx. 14 lbs.  Approx. Dimensions: 11" (diameter) x 14.5" (height).

Assembled in USA.

Discover the convenience of electric butter churns for effortlessly transforming milk cream into delicious homemade butter. These simple devices operate by continuously stirring cream at a high speed, breaking down fat molecules and creating air bubbles that lead to the separation of buttermilk and butter. This results in creamy solids clumped together as butter and liquid buttermilk.

Traditionally crafted from cow's milk due to its cost-effectiveness, electric butter churns streamline the process, making it more efficient and faster compared to manual churning. While goat's milk can be used, its smaller globules require more effort and time to collect the necessary cream.

For optimal results, an electric butter churn functions best at temperatures between 55-59 degrees F (13-15 degrees C). However, room temperature can also suffice, albeit with a slightly longer process if starting with cold cream from the fridge.

The key advantage of electric butter churns lies in their simplicity—just turn it on and let it do the work for you. This modern approach significantly speeds up the butter-making process, providing tasty results with minimal effort. Whether you've separated cream through a cream separator or natural processes, an electric butter churn becomes your ally in turning cream into your very own homemade butter.

Click here for a replacement motor/lid assembly.