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Electric Double Cluster Milking Machine for Cows, Goats, and Sheep.

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Our powerful milking machines are perfectly designed for small cow, goat, and sheep dairies. They are fast and efficient, making milking an enjoyable part of your day. 

The system includes:

  • Food grade rubber hoses with double cluster teat cup shell and inflation liner
  • Dry Graphite Vane Pump with 110V 60hz Motor
  • 40 Ltr Stainless Steel milk tote with a 240 cc claw lid
  • Specially designed brushes for cleaning hoses & shells
  • Operating voltage is 110 V
  • Each metal chassis is coated with a highly corrosion resistant paint.
  • Two cow model (double cluster) can milk two animals simultaneously.
  • Milking claw available for goats and sheep, please contact us for details on switching out the claw.
  • Video is for demonstration purposes and may not represent the exact model.

Click the links here for a demo of setting up your milker and a milking machine in operation.

Please note: Milking Machines are not returnable after being removed from the shipping pallet.