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Electric Butter Churn 2.6 Gallon Capacity with Stainless Steel Body

Electric Butter Churn 2.6 Gallon Capacity with Stainless Steel Body

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Our 2.6 Gallon Electric Butter Churn features a stainless steel dasher, 304 grade stainless steel body with clip-on lid latches, and a 115 V electric motor. Churn will process 7 quarts of cream at a time.  Weighs approx. 14 lbs.  Approx. Dimensions: 11" (diameter) x 14.5" (height).

Assembled in USA.

More Information about Electric Butter Churns

A butter churn is a simple device that makes it easy to convert the cream from the milk into butter. While using the device, the cream will be churned into a state where the butter and buttermilk are separated. This allows you to acquire the delicious homemade butter!

How Does the Butter Churn Work?

There is actually science behind the butter churn and how butter is made. While the butter churn is working, the cream will be stirred continuously at a high speed. This helps to break down the fat molecules and clumps them all in one place together.

At the same time, this process can create air bubbles that will take the liquid and generates foam as one of the substances separates out from the other. This results in buttermilk, which will remain a liquid, and the butter, which is the solids clumped together. To get the cream that you need to create butter, you can use a cream separator or just allow the natural process of separation to occur until the cream rises to the surface.

Which Type of Milk Works for Churning Butter?

Butter is made out of cow’s milk traditionally. This is often because cow’s milk is more cost effective to do this. It does take a good deal of effort to collect cream out of goat’s milk because the globules are quite a bit smaller. Getting a thick layer of cream to the surface of the goat milk can take a long time.

Technically, you can use goat milk to make butter, but it takes more time and you will need more goat's milk to make it happen. Cow’s milk allows this process to be done more efficiently and faster.

What Temperature Works Best for Churning Butter?

If you are using an electric butter churn, the ideal temperature to work with is between 55 - 59 degrees F or 13 to 15 degrees C . Room temperature can work as well if you are not able to change it. It may take a bit longer to get the butter made if you have cold cream from the fridge to start with.

How Does the Electric Butter Churn Make it Easier?

An electric butter churn will make the butter churning process easier.  Just turn it on and let the churn do the work for you. Compared to some of the requirements in the past where butter was churned by hand, this will speed up the process and can give you some tasty butter with minimal effort.

When you are ready to make your own butter, an electric butter churn is one of the best ways to make this happen.  After you have separated the cream from the milk with a cream separator or through the process of natural separation, you are ready to use the electric butter churn to turn that cream into your very own butter.