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Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

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  • 100% PURE PAKISTAN ORIGIN: Shenandoah Homestead Supply proudly presents Himalayan Pink Salt, famously sourced from it's origin in Pakistan. This salt, free from GMOs, MSG, gluten, and anti-caking agents, is a testament to purity.
  • HEALTHIER SALT: Unlock the goodness of Himalayan salt with Shenandoah Homestead Supply. It enriches your body with essential minerals and trace elements, including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, and Iron.
  • GREAT TASTE: Elevate your culinary experience with Shenandoah Homestead Supply's 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt. Ideal for seasoning meats, grilling vegetables, enhancing various salads, soups, snacks, and seamlessly blending into your baking recipes.
  • OTHER BENEFITS: Shenandoah Homestead Supply's Himalayan Pink Salt goes beyond taste, offering additional advantages like stimulating circulation, assisting in lowering blood pressure, and aiding in the removal of toxins, including heavy metals.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Your satisfaction is Shenandoah Homestead Supply's priority. If your purchase doesn't meet your expectations, reach out to us directly, and we'll make it right.

Boasting an impressive nutrient profile, Shenandoah Homestead Supply's Himalayan Pink Salt, with 84 different trace elements, stands as a natural alternative to heavily refined table salt, devoid of additives and anti-caking agents.

Renowned for its potential to release negative ions, promoting physical and emotional well-being, Himalayan Pink Salt finds its place in aromatherapy, particularly in spas and healing resorts, to instill a sense of tranquility.

For an authentic experience, turn to Shenandoah Homestead Supply's meticulously packaged Himalayan Pink Salt. It's not just visually appealing but serves as your gateway to a healthier lifestyle.