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Introducing the Ultimate EZ Milker, a vacuum milker with all the comfort and easy fit that the Udderly EZ Hand Milker is renowned for, but with the speed of a pulsator-type machine.

The Ultimate EZ combined the ease and simplicity of the hand milker with the speed of the compressor. Silicone inserts remain gentle even on engorged teats, and the process of attaching the milker to the teats doesn’t require wrestling with the four-pronged claw and a nervous cow. Once attached, the vacuum is also ideal for a sensitive cow with mastitis or a cut on the teat.

The unit comes equipped with a vacuum gauge and regulator to maintain the pressure on the teats. It is very important not to operate higher than the recommended 12.5 Hg of pressure for cows (red arrow on gauge), and 10 Hg of pressure for goats and sheep (black arrow on gauge), which are clearly marked on the dial.

The Ultimate EZ is an excellent choice for backyard farmers with a handful of sheep, goats, or a cow or two, who don’t want to invest in a pipeline system and need an efficient and sanitary means of milking their animals. It’s also ideal for animals with engorged teats or udders, or animals with mastitis, as the silicone tubing eliminates the friction present with other means of milking. The Ultimate EZ is simple to take apart and clean unlike many pulsator machines. 

The Ultimate EZ Kit includes:

  • Ultimate EZ™ Vacuum Pump

  • Milk Collection Container (depending on desired model)

    1. Two 1 quart Collection Bottles w/caps;
    2. or, one 2.6 gallon Stainless Steel tote;
    3. or, one 2.6 gallon Plastic tote; 
    4. or, one 5 gallon Stainless Steel tote
  • One Vacuum Line Assembly

  • Vacuum Hose Clamps 

  • Small Silicone Inflations 

  • Medium Silicone Inflations 

  • 2 or 4 Shells for Silicone Inflations (depending on model)

  • *if large inflations are required please order them separately in the drop down menu under the variations of Ultimate EZ milking machine models.

  • One Ez Dairy Wipes Pack

  • One Ez Animal Products Instructional DVD

  • One set of Ultimate Ez Instructions

  • The Ultimate Ez Canvas Carrying Bag (Quart Bottle Model only)

  • The Ultimate Ez tube brush 

  • 1 year warranty on pump. 6 month on all other parts.


Ultimate Ez Four Adapter 

(for Quart Bottle Model)

This adapter will allow you to milk four teats on a cow or two animals at one time using the Ultimate Ez Milker. (Quart Bottle Model)

Kit includes: Two Quart Bottles/Caps, Airline Kit, Two Extraction tubes, One set each of Small & Medium Silicone Inflations, Three inflation Plugs, Splitter for Airline, UEZ Dairy Wipes & Microfiber Dairy Towel.